Natural solutions are key

Learn why people are turning to natural solutions and why these should be integrated into modern medicine.

why explore natural solutions

Our bodies are amazing!  They are complex and powerful, yet they are also sensitive to changes in their environment.  Given proper conditions, they function extremely well.  However, when placed under too much stress for too long, their function may decline, leading to isolated issues, or even a cascade of health challenges. This is the fate of many who consume a Western diet and unhealthy lifestyle and many others who, through a combination of genetics and exposure, despite their best efforts, fall prey to long-term and often debilitating health conditions.

Unfortunately, information about health is often confusing and contradictory.  The messages on healthy diet alone often lead people to a whole lot of frustration.  In addition, conventional medicine has fallen short in so many ways in being able to help people truly optimize their health, rather than just manage disease.  Far more research dollars and insurance reimbursements are allocated for expensive treatments than for prevention.  People are demanding better and more natural ways of taking care of themselves.

The best of both modern
& natural medicine

Fortunately, there is actually significant evidence on the benefits of certain healthy lifestyle changes. Similarly, there is an increasing amount of research in the field of natural solutions that shows how the earth's offerings can support our bodies and minds. These can and should regularly integrate with modern medicine to improve quality of life, reduce healthcare costs, and help sustain our planet.

I have heard proponents of herbs, supplements, and essential oils claim that they work for everything. I do not feel this is true. I have also been in medicine long enough to see occasional adverse effects of people trying to "treat" their healthy conditions naturally, either on their own or with assistance of a practitioner who does not have the proper knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat. Some who have attempted to do so, through inappropriate care or by delaying appropriate medical care, have suffered organ failure, disease progression, and even death. Working with a qualified healthcare professional is strongly advised when implementing lifestyle and other natural solutions, and ideally, that professional has experience with these solutions.

“happiness is the highest form of health.”

—Dalai Lama

About Ann Huntington, MD, FACP

Dr. Huntington is a practicing internal medicine physician from the great state of Idaho. She graduated from University of Utah School of Medicine and completed internship and residency at Indiana University. She is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. She has been actively involved in quality, leadership, teaching and committee work throughout her career. In addition, she is a certified essential oil specialist and is pursuing additional training in the field of integrative medicine.  She enjoys discovering new haunts in nearby and far-off places, meeting interesting people from all corners of the globe, and, of course, spending time with family.